The Stunning Design and Superior Performance of the Mazda 6

The Stunning Design and Superior Performance of the Mazda 6

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Mazda’s Kodo design language is a constant theme throughout the 6’s exterior and cabin. Its driving dynamism and premium interior materials make it stand out from other midsize sedans.

Its styling is especially appealing to performance buyers compared to the rest of the segment. Plus, its safety features earn high marks in crash tests.


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The Mazda 6 is a beautiful, upscale sedan that offers plenty of features for its price. It’s also reliable, with a history of high scores in reliability surveys. Its interior is durable and comfortable, with stylish fabrics that can stand up to everyday wear and tear.

It’s one of the most fun cars to drive in its class, thanks to nimble steering and an agile chassis. Its cabin is quiet and refined, though the back seats are tight compared with rivals.

Its swooping lines and sculpted bodywork give the Mazda 6 a sense of movement, even when it’s parked. Its dynamic appearance and aerodynamics make it a pleasure to look at, both in person and on camera. Its sleek technology and premium sound system elevate your driving experience. Its intuitive infotainment system and smartphone integration keep you connected to your favorite apps and music. This car is also highly rated for its safety systems. It also has a spacious trunk that can accommodate lots of cargo.

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The Mazda 6’s chiseled looks and superb handling can easily enchant buyers who want stylish point-to-point transportation. Its spacious cabin and satisfying tech features rival those of much pricier models, too. But it’s not among the quickest or thriftiest cars in this segment.

A turbocharged engine now powers the top trims, and it adds some zip to acceleration times. However, the base non-turbo model also has responsive throttle response and respectable performance.

All versions are available with a suite of driver-assistance technologies, including lane-keep assist, blind spot monitoring, rear cross-traffic alert, and automatic emergency braking. In fact, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety named the Mazda 6 a Top Safety Pick+ car, and it earned good ratings in all crash tests conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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In an era where utility vehicles are becoming increasingly important to car buyers, Mazda’s mid-sized sedan is losing out. The Japanese brand isn’t ignoring the sedan market altogether, however, and a new generation of the 6 is now in the wings.

Powered by an updated version of the brand’s MZR four-cylinder petrol engine, it’s a little more potent than its predecessor and features a new ‘GVC’ system designed to reduce driver fatigue on long drives. It works by detecting small steering inputs and cutting torque to the wheels ever so briefly, shifting weight around to improve balance and grip.

The result is a surprisingly quiet and refined experience behind the wheel, with impressively responsive handling. Adding to the mix is a comfortable cabin that delivers the feeling of a premium product, even in base grade variants. With Nappa leather in the Atenza grade we drove at launch, and a throttle pedal that delivers real feel as you blip the gas, the Mazda 6 offers a strong value proposition in its segment.

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