Facebook’s Influence on Political Activism

Facebook’s Influence on Political Activism

Top 10 USA Sites on Facebook

Facebook has become a powerful tool for political activism. During the 2008 presidential election, it was used to organize supporters of both candidates. It has also been used to rally support for antigovernment forces in Colombia and Egypt.

Rebundle is a plant-based hair extension company that effectively conveys its ecologically centered product on its Facebook Page. Its cover photo and posts encourage audiences to engage immediately with the brand.


Rebundle, founded by CEO Ciara Imani May in 2019, is a plant-based company that sells hair extensions made from banana fibers. The company aims to offer consumers a zero waste alternative to traditional braiding hair, which is actually heated fine plastic fibers strung together to look like natural hair. Rebundle recently raised a pre-seed round of $1.4 million from M25, a venture firm that has a strong geographic focus.

Rhymes with Reason

For many years, marketers and politicians have used the rhyme-as-reason effect to convince us that they have a good product or idea. This technique can be especially effective when combined with alliteration.

Kyle Roberts has been busy since his sci-fi indie The Posthuman Project won best Oklahoma film at deadCenter in 2014. He’s now back with What Rhymes with Reason, the debut feature from his Reckless Abandonment Pictures. The film stars Gatlin Griffith, Ricardo Hurtado, Giselle Torres, LaRonn Marzett, Katie Burgess and Juan Graterol Jr.

Stella & Dot

Stella and Dot is a company that offers women the opportunity to earn an income through social selling. They offer a wide range of products including jewelry and home decor. They also host virtual trunk shows to help customers find the perfect items for their needs. They have two full lines of products in the spring and fall and offer new merchandise all year round.

The company’s product mix has changed during the pandemic, with a focus on self-care and personalized gifting. They’ve even added a line of arrow-shaped necklaces that Brenner says reflect the way life constantly changes.

Mabel’s Labels

Four busy moms saw a need for better kids labels that were durable and cute. They started their business in 2003 and have since grown into an award-winning, market-leading company loved by moms and kids alike.

Mabel’s Labels makes it easy to keep kids organized and prevents their belongings from ending up in the lost and found. Their best-selling label combos are ideal for school, day care, summer camp, and kids’ activities. In addition, their allergy labels help protect children from serious risks.


Founded by Margaret McFerran, Glamnetic has built a multimillion-dollar business selling magnetic eyelashes and press-on nails at retailers such as Sephora and Ulta. In addition to the products themselves, the brand’s lash guide and quiz help consumers find the styles that best fit their eyes.

With new collections dropping each month that follow a theme, Glamnetic is always looking to stay on top of aesthetic trends. To do so, they use Disco’s omnichannel functionalities for pre-checkout recommendations and post-purchase upsell.

Salone Monet

Salone Monet offers great deals during the Black Friday season. This is a great time to save on your favorite shoes and prepare for the holiday shopping season. But remember that these deals cannot be combined with other offers.

Salone Monet is a fashion brand that specializes in color inclusive nude heels. Founder Salone developed the idea for her namesake line while working in political PR and taking shoemaking classes. The footwear is hand dyed to order, avoiding waste and using local artisanal talent.

Helen Keller International

Founded in 1915, Helen Keller International saves and improves the sight and lives of the world’s most vulnerable people by combating blindness, poor health, and malnutrition. The organization is headquartered in New York City. It is a GiveWell top-rated charity.

Its programs include vitamin A supplementation, which is an essential eye-health measure. It also alleviates malnutrition by helping millions of families improve their nutrition practices. The organization also fights Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) such as trachoma and onchocerciasis or river blindness.


CGTN is the leading oversea news channel of China. It broadcasts news based on Chinese perspective to stop the malicious reports of western Medias. It provides true information of China and the world.

Despite a lavish budget, CGTN is struggling to make an impact. This is due to confusion around what counts as internationally newsworthy; a focus on outputs over impact; and a culture of risk-aversion and lack of trust.


Etsy is a global marketplace where buyers and sellers can connect to create unique, handmade items. The company’s mission is to “Keep Commerce Human,” and it strives to foster a community of people who are passionate about their crafts.

Employees enjoy generous PTO and unlimited sick time to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance. In addition, Etsy provides 100% health insurance coverage for employees and their families.

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