Facebook M: Mobile Version, Recovery Options, Security, Privacy, and Features.

Facebook M: Mobile Version, Recovery Options, Security, Privacy, and Features.

What is Facebook M?

Facebook m is a mobile version of the website. It has a different interface and features. This can be confusing if you’re used to using the desktop version of Facebook.

First, choose one of your recovery options (email or phone). Then Facebook will send you a code. Retrieve that code, and follow the on-screen instructions.


m.facebook is a URL that is used by Facebook’s mobile website. It is used by smartphones that are unable to use Facebook’s desktop site due to the screen size and limitations on their browsers. The “m” in m.facebook means “mobile”.

If you’re trying to recover an account that has been hacked or taken over, this option may be helpful. You can enter your email address, phone number, or full name to search for the account. This will allow Facebook to send you a 6 digit code that you can use to log into the account.

Another option is to call Facebook directly and ask them to help you get your account back. They’ll ask you to provide proof of identity and your password if necessary. They’ll also tell you what options are available to recover your account, such as a Trusted Contact or an alternate email address. They’ll then walk you through the process of recovering your account.


If you have lost your password or suspect that your account has been hacked, Facebook offers several recovery options. Some methods require verification of your identity by answering security questions or providing personal information. Others involve sending government-issued ID to Facebook. However, this method can be time consuming and inconvenient.

Once you have verified your identity, Facebook will provide a link that only you can access to reset your password. You can then use the new password to log into your account. Facebook will notify you that your password has been changed and ask you to log out of any other devices that have access to your account.

You can also set up extra security measures in your settings menu. For example, you can choose a few trusted contacts that will receive instructions from Facebook if you can’t log in to your account. These options are a great way to protect your account from hackers.


Facebook takes a lot of measures to keep your privacy safe. They have built-in privacy settings and outside tools that help you limit the information they collect.

For example, the settings on your account page show you how many devices are logged in. This allows you to see whether someone else is accessing your account. You can also add up to five trusted contacts who can help you get back into your account if it gets locked.

You can also adjust your posting privacy. Select an audience for your future posts, and limit who can see past posts. You can also choose to hide your activity log and limit the audience for future tagged photos and videos. Facebook also displays a list of apps and websites that have access to your account information, and you can manage the data they use. You can find this on the Security and Login page. You can also add your privacy policy in the App Dashboard to ensure that you are in compliance with data privacy laws.


Forgot account options on Facebook are designed to make regaining access to your account as easy and fast as possible. To do this, visit the Facebook homepage and select the “Forgot account?” option. Once you do this, a new page will appear asking how you want to reset your password. You’ll then need to provide your email address or phone number, or tell Facebook that you no longer have access to these information.

Once you’ve submitted your ID proof, you can log into your account again. If you can’t remember the email or phone number that’s associated with your Facebook account, you can still recover it if you have added trusted contacts to your profile and enabled two-factor authentication.

This feature is extremely useful if your account has been hacked. However, if you don’t have access to your email account, it may be impossible to get the security code needed to reset your password. To avoid this, you should immediately change your password and contact information if you suspect that your account has been compromised.

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